Think Big Schools sparks interest in entrepreneurship among young people

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Torre Telefónica, the company´s headquarters in Catalonia, is also the headquarters for the ideas on which 14 to 18 year-olds work throughout the sessions devoted to entrepreneurship and digital competencies within the Think Big Schools programme.

Think Big Schools is a programme run by Fundación Telefónica the aim of which is to awaken among young people entrepreneur attitudes, encouraging them to build a social project based on the digital world.

Students are to focus on a social difficulty or challenge and come up with possible solutions. Once the project is chosen, Telefónica volunteers mentor the students in the development of a business plan, explaining how to carry it out and make it viable. The students are also told about the importance of a good performance during the presentation of their projects in order to get financial support or collaboration from sponsors or even staff to work on it.

The students are trained on web-making so that they can create the web-page for their ideas, acquiring digital skills such as a good use of the html code and CDD styles. The final presentation of the projects will be carried out with their own web-pages as a visual support and a way of displaying of their own innovative ideas.

Think Big Schools is a door leading to the Think Big Youth project, a programme offering a unique experience that prepares the participants to develop their ideas side by side with their mentors, with financial support offered by Fundación Telefónica to the most innovative projects.

Think Big Schools, Fundación Telefónica

Think Big Schools’ video


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